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blog 002: twenty twenty three

We are 90 days into 2023. HOW?

By New Year’s Day, I’ve posted a recap video of my year. I’ve posted my top 22 experiences from 2022. I’ve written out a list of things I want to accomplish in 2023, come up with a word of the year, made a 2023 high vibe/low vibe list, which I’ll get into later. The list truly goes on.

At the end of 2022, I didn’t do any of that. Mentally by the time we made it to Christmas, I was completely burnt out. From work, from world events, from social media, from everything and everyone, really. I refuse to label myself as having seasonal depression, mostly because it’s not confirmed, but this is the first year the winter has effected my mental health the way it has. I really just lacked all willingness to do anything.

I heard someone (source is unknown, but I took it and ran with it) say that you should wait until March to make new year’s resolutions. Because the world (I believe they were referring to nature, animals, plants, trees, etc.) are in a state of hibernation, we as humans are not meant to be blossoming either.

That made perfect sense to me so, I would be mindful and take mental notes for my resolution day: adapt a few new habits here and there, evaluate areas of my life that could use improvement, etc. I had set a date for my 2023 resolutions day and it was going to be a whole mind and body reset.

Was is the key word here. March 6th was the day.

I had it all planned out. I was going to Maui for a large work event. From Maui I flew to St Louis for Arch Madness. Both “trips” were so fun. Maui was work: long fitting times, but a lot of time with co-workers, good food, better Mai Tais, not a whole lot of sleep. Then a red eye straight to the Enterprise Center for 3 days of basketball: friends, a non-existent eating schedule, more drinks, even less sleep, and a lot of cheering and screaming. By Sunday, I chalked up my sore throat to cheering loud for my Bradley Braves. A three hour car ride back to Peoria, and I realized I was sick sick. Monday I had a 100.5 temperature. A negative Covid test and an almost full day of sleep later, I packed and left for Palm Springs, CA on Tuesday, then to Chicago on Thursday, home on Saturday. After being horizontal and watching Netflix while dog sitting for two days straight, I thought I would feel better.


I went into the Maui Jim office for a 30 minute visit on Monday, went to my parent’s house to visit, and realized I was feeling even worse than the night I got back from St Louis. On Tuesday I went to my doctor, was treated for a sinus infection, and spent the rest of the day... you guessed it... horizontal. I spent all day Wednesday in bed as well, but by this time the antibiotics were working and being vertical didn't make me feel like I was going to be ~unalive~. The aloha grind just doesn't stop folks. Thursday I flew to Orlando, FL for an event and back home on Saturday.

I’m feeling like a whole new woman and ready to set my intentions/goals for 2023.

2023 Vision Board:

Habits I'm starting or continuing in 2023:

+ declutter and rearrange my space every quarter

+ 10,000 steps per day

+ 'closing shift' every night (20 mins)

+ one minute of cold water at the end of every shower

+ daily journaling

+ personal admin day on the first of every month

Big goals for 2023:

+ visit London again + one new European country

+ consistently post on Etsy/Instagram promoting my shop

+ launch blog ✔️

+ launch "that thing" (this one is a secret, sorry)

+ finish SMM courses

+ a couple things that I can't mention ;)

Theme of 2023: soft living

Reminder Quote for 2023: "If you don't do it now, you'll only be year(s) older when you do."

And that is hopefully my 2023. I'm manifesting that it will be.

As always, if you've made it this far into the post, thank you so much. Until next time.



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