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blog 004: may recap

May 2023 > May 2022

This year, I started May by traveling to the Grand Cayman. As spoiled as it sounds, it only got better from there.

If you’re my #1 fan and read my Q1 Recap, I made it my personal mission to take more time for myself during what is typically the busiest month of year. Last May was absolutely insane. Between the back to back to back travel and the never ending event coordination, I was constantly in between survival mode and auto-pilot.

The good news is, this May was barrable. Refreshing even... And there were no tears.

I worked less than half the amount of events I worked last year:

2022 travel: 14 flights / 10 events

2023 travel: 16 flights / 4 events

With 18 days at home, some work travel, and personal travel sprinkled in, May hit.


+ Conference Semis Game 3: Suns vs Denver Nuggets

(bonus: Diamondbacks game)

+ Helicopter ride in Maui

+ First international Etsy order to London

+ Got to watch my nephews play baseball (and win) # proudauntie

Destinations Visited

Grand Cayman, Phoenix, Bahamas, Santa Barbara, Maui


In December of 2021 (yes you read that right), I started sewing pearls on a jean jacket I never wore. I finally finished that project and it turned out better than I imagined. I had a flower pot and a jewelry dish that didn’t fit my aesthetic anymore, so I painted it white and added baking soda for a terracotta texture. DIY hack, you’re welcome.


Being home is always so nice, especially in the summer. If you just ignore the fact that Peoria in the summer feels like living in a hot tub, the weather is nice. I’ve been keeping myself busy with cleaning, organizing, selling things I no longer use, etc. I always look forward to my long daily walks accompanied by my go-to smoothie. I’m also obsessed with my balcony, so I’ve been enjoying sitting outside to read, eat, scroll, whatever. I’ve grounded myself from buying new plants because I’ve gone a little overboard. If anyone needs aloe, this is a personal invitation to come over and take some. Thank you so much.


I’m going to be so honest, the books I’ve been picking out lately are fiiiire. I rarely read more than one book a month, but I couldn’t be stopped this month. Here was the lineup: The Last Flight, The Last House Guest, The Perfect Marriage, Happy Place.


I finally have all pieces added to my Etsy site. I need to update the thumbnail photos, but shop away! I previously uploaded the shirts on my iPad, and I didn’t change the shipping fast enough and a customer from London bought a Cardinals jersey - IYKYK. I was so excited, I didn’t care how much it cost to send it. Then I quickly realized (like most businesses), I had to increase the prices and now I’m no longer offering free shipping. I'm truly sad I can't offer free shipping anymore, but in this climate, it's really not feasible anymore.

Looking forward to June...

I’m doing a no-spending challenge. The way it works is that I can only spend the amount of money for the day it is. Example: June 1st, I can only spend $1, June 17th, I can spend $17, and so on. If I don’t buy anything, that amount will roll over. So yay for saving money *rolls eyes*

I have some vacation days this month - lake/boat days at Lake Michigan and dog sitting. I’m ready for a little bit of work travel, more baseball games, more pool days, time with family, and enjoying the summer.

If you've made it this far, thank you love you see you next time.



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