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blog 006: q2 & june recap

And just like that we are half way through 2023.

Q2 was a full-time travelers’ dream. The perfect balance of catching (unproblematic) flights as well as unwinding & causing chaos at home.


+ Forgot to mention in last quarters' recap that I was referred and completed a role model training

+ Got to visit Maui again

+ Got to work with 3 sales managers - Inge, Jim, and John

+ Celebrated National Sunglass Day

+ June unofficially marked my 5 years with the company

Travel Recap:

Cabo, MX | traveled with Shannon and Paige

Bahamas | traveled with Naomi (lab) and Inge

Ft Lauderdale, FL > Marco Island, FL > Mexico | traveled with Rileigh; met with Renee, Steven, and Marc; solo

Grand Cayman | traveled with Chase (mailroom) and Jack

Bahamas | solo

Santa Barbara, CA > Maui, HI | solo; met with Meg and John

Boston, MA > Toronto, ON | solo; met with Kira in the 6

Toronto, ON | traveled with Parker



+ My best friend found her wedding dress for her big day!

+ Enjoyed a beautiful lake weekend at the ocean of the Midwest (Lake Michigan)

+ Created a kick ass graphic for Home of the Braves; Bradley's NIL collective

+ Booked a flight for Daniel and Amanda's wedding in October

+ Celebrated my birth mother’s parents’ 60th wedding anniversary

Yes, I’m adopted - more on that later.

Pool Days

I’ve been spending every Saturday and Sunday at Michaela’s grandpa’s pool. I do have a pool at my apartment, but there are so many rules, and you can only bring one guest, and why not spend some time with my second family?

Pool go-to’s: Supergoop! 30 spf, sunnies, Onda seltzers, homemade sandwich or gondola from Avantis, duh.


One thing about me, I love being home long enough to do a full grocery shop. I did 75 Medium (my version of 75 Hard while on the road) last fall. The challenge allows you to choose your own diet. One of my diet rules was to have a salad as a meal - typically lunch - once a day. I’ve continued to do this, and while I was getting ingredients for my salad, I decided that I want to try juicing. I was so excited to wake up early on a Saturday, go for a walk, and then make a juice. Let me just say… it was so f*cking nasty. First of all, I hate celery. Secondly, I didn’t blend it enough, so when I was drinking it, I would get little chunks of celery, and I had no choice but to chew it. The flashbacks are terrible. Anyway, I used up all the ingredients which totaled four servings. By the fourth day, I still didn’t love it, but I did like the idea. I’m going to try and perfect the recipe… with no celery next time.


I’m going to be so honest (again), Happy Place has me in a chokehold. I haven’t picked up my next book (Every Summer After) yet, because I simply cannot move on. Everything reminds me of the book and the characters. I desperately wish I could experience that book for the first time again. And I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve felt that way.

Dog Sitting

I'm spending the last week of June dog sitting for not one, not two, not three, but four families - one being my parent’s dog who I claim as my own. Total dogs I’m watching this week: lucky number seven. It’s probably the easiest side hustle I’ll ever have, and I'm so lucky to dog sit for such amazing families.

June is over? Julying ;)

The no-spending challenge didn’t last long. On June 2nd I broke it because I went to Clink, which is a local mobile bar in Peoria Heights. I did spend less this month in general, but I want to successfully do the challenge at some point.

I really don’t have many plans for July other than more pool days, more baseball games, a bachelorette party in town, and more travel.

July goals:

+ 10k steps a day

+ 30 mins outside a day

+ Journal daily

+ Try a new juice recipe

thank you love you bye xx

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