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blog 007: august goals

It wouldn't be a true blog post of mine if there wasn't some type of recap, so July recap at the end :)

August... Whew. I'm not even going to say, "HoW iS It AlReAdY aUgUsT?" because we're all thinking the it...

The last month of summer. The middle month of Q3. My mom's birthday month, my friend's wedding month... all the things.

Here are my August goals:

+ move my body everyday (daily work outs or walks)

+ read two+ books

+ more protein in meals & collagen in smoothies

+ prioritize 7-8 hours of sleep + no alcohol (exception: Brittany's wedding)

+ journal every night

+ find peace and joy in the small things

+ improve my self talk

+ spend first part of my morning in the sun/outside

+ try a new workout class

+ save, don't spend

+ continue juicing iykyk

In my own personal journal, I always do an end of the month reflection and a new month intention. Why not share with the world? Here we go...

What would make August amazing?

This month would be amazing if I could visit my grandma in Missouri. The wedding I have at the end of the month is just outside of St. Louis. If I don't have to travel to any events surrounding that weekend, I will be able to road trip with my mom and visit my grandma for the first time in four years... Yes, you read that right. I haven't seen my grandma in four years. Thumbs down.

I want to do more of...

Being outside. I love sitting outside, laying outside, walking outside. Literally anything outside, I'm game for. Gotta do what I can before the winter tundra hits Central Illinois.

My intentions for August are...

When I arrive back in Peoria after my trip, I want to make a summer bucket list centered around Peoria things. I wanted to do this last summer, but ended up being too busy and never getting around to it. Que the nostalgia from my childhood.

My number one priority is...

Keep working on my personal projects. I have so many things I want to accomplish and truthfully, I've been very lethargic to get them done. The only person stopping me is me. And The Summer I Turned Pretty.

July Recap:

July was the official half way point of 2023. A mid year reset is definitely in order. July was an insanely busy month, so I really have not had any time to make that happen. But it will be happening next week.

July Travel:

San Diego, CA | traveled with Paige

Kauai, HI | traveled with Kelsey and Kamaile

San Diego, CA | me, myself, and I

Literally my two favorite places to go, always. Travel-wise, July was great, I just had one day in between each trip, which I don't love. But that's show biz baby.

I started watching The Summer I Turned Pretty. I'm simply obsessed. I haven't read a single book since May. So this month we're buckling down and reading as much as we can, but at least two books.

The only real purchase I made this month (that I definitely didn't need) was a pair of Bottega sunglasses, because Kering. I made a couple returns on clothing. Honestly, just trying to be more conscious of what I actually need. I feel like I walk out of my apartment and there goes $300. I'm now accepting applications for sugar daddies that I don't even need to talk to... please just send me stacks. Tysm.

That was July and here's to August. See ya soon.



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