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Blog 011: summer summary

I can’t believe today is the first day of September, although I feel like I say that at the beginning of every new month.

I do want to prove my intelligence by stating that I know today does not mark the end of summer or the beginning of fall, but I think September 1st makes it socially acceptable for me to religiously buy a pumpkin chai tea latte. I'll still be trying to squeeze in a couple more pool days, but bring on the crisp weather, chili, and college football.

This summer was amazing. I think growing up, I always assumed the summers in middle school, high school, and college, would be my peaks of summer. Like I would be old and never enjoy summer again? I guess I have my job to thank for that not being true, but i also think its a mindset.

Everyone compares every summer to summer sixteen, and while summer sixteen will go down in history as one of the best summers, this summer was pretty comparable.

twenty three things that made summer twenty three so good:

  • attended several chiefs baseball games

  • spent many days at the pool

  • spent just as many nights at pour bros

  • enjoyed live music

  • saw beautiful sunsets

  • went wedding dress shopping with my best friend

  • spent a weekend at Lake Michigan (didn’t visit as much as I'd like, next year!)

  • traveled outside of the country

  • dog sat for some of my favorite pups

  • celebrated our intern group

  • became a Bottega Veneta die hard

  • visited Hawaii and San Diego

  • attended Amanda’s bachelorette party

  • attended the company luau

  • started and completed some DIY projects

  • visited a new city: New Orleans

  • started taking over the social media accounts for Home of the Brave

  • got to see my grandma for the first time in 4 years

  • attended Justin and Brittany's wedding

  • started planning for personal trips - Yellowstone & SoCal

  • visited the local farmer’s market several times

  • enjoyed morning and evening walks

  • started selling some of my own and thrifted BU clothes (buy here)

Unfortunately, as I write this, I'm quarantining... I'm sure you can see where this is going. When I woke up at my grandma's house on Monday, my throat was sore. I tested for Covid when I got home, but it was negative. After driving back and forth to Decatur for a work fitting, I was absolutely drained and still felt so sick, so I tested again, and boom. Positive. I've been so sad, because not only do I feel like sh*t, I'm also missing one of my good friend's bachelorette party.

What a way to start September. Ugh.



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