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San Francisco, CA

Bay Area, Yay Area.

If you said "Hey Alli, I'm going to San Francisco, can I have some recs?" I'd honestly probably stare at you for a solid five seconds thinking of what to tell you. To which you would probably ask yourself, or me, why is it on your favorite list if you don't really have any recs?

Here's the answer: The first time I went to SF, I was 14 years old. In recent years, I've been to SF several times however, they were day or hour(s) trips - meaning I stayed in San Jose or at an airport hotel, and went downtown for a very short period of time. I haven't stayed downtown SF since the first time I visited. What I would do there now, is totally different than what we did 12 years ago. But, I will never forget how SF made me feel as a 14 year old girl, and I still love how it makes me feel as a 27 year old. And THAT my friends, is why it's on my favorites list.

If you're really curious on what to do, all the basics can get you started: Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Painted Ladies, Lombard Street, Giants/49ers/Warriors game, bus tours, etc.

* We also squeezed in Red Woods and a few days in Napa Valley and it was totally worth it (even though I couldn't drink)

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